Seed Saving Storage Container with 28 seed varieties included: (Beginner to Intermediate/Kids Variety)

28 storage cells with individual lids and all held within an outer secure holding snap lid container; each cell labeled the variety.
Contains vegetable and herb seeds most commonly found in gardens; root crops, greens, herbs, beans, peppers, squash, cucumbers, melons, pumpkin, tomato, corn, etc.
This option of seed varieties suits beginner to intermediate home gardeners; can be fun with kids or gifting someone who is interested in small home gardening.

All seeds are Non-GMO and Heirloom varieties, all harvested in the USA!
Purchase includes a small information booklet on individual planting instructions.

**Includes 30 plant tags, and a small seed spoon used to aid collection of seeds, planting and storage.
Plenty of seeds to plant for a family of 4 needs; or use all seeds for a much larger garden or larger family; or a 2yr spring planting supply all dependent on space and harvest needs. $33, shipping included.  ORDER TODAY!